Where are you going?
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Why use MOGO eSIM?
Affordable local rates
No hidden fees. Pay as you go.
Great coverage
Quality connectivity in Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia.
Flexible and convenient
Top up and manage your data plans
Safer than public WiFi
Stable and safe network to surf without worry.
Who is MOGO eSIM suitable for?
International students
Stay connected wherever I go.
Business Professionals
Instant connectivity when I land. No more bad airport WiFi!
Local residents
MOGO eSIM is always my best plan B.
No more extra roaming costs.
How to use MOGO eSIM?
Select eSIM data plan
Select eSIM data plan
Scan QR code to install
Scan QR code to install
Turn on data roaming to activate
Turn on data roaming to activate
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What devices support eSIM?
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Get What You Give
10% discount for both
Get your friends to apply your invitation code in their eSIM first order and both of you can get a 10% discount data voucher.
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